Chicken Biryani for two


“The first time I witnessed the ‘unveiling’ of the Biryani, it was the night of my sister’s wedding. I was absolutely mesmerised- the floral saffron-infused aromas that rose from the pot as the rice was gently mixed is something I will remember forever.”

Please note that the dish needs to be reheated at least 60 min in an oven before serving (instructions with delivery)


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1 tray of Chicken Biryani 
1 x Mirchi Ka Salaan: a chili & onions gravy (contains peanuts, sesame seeds, coconut)  
1 x Raita: Fresh beetroot in yoghurt, spiced with roasted cumin seeds (contains dairy) 
1 x Tomato chutney: a tomato chutney infused with bengali 5 seed spice panchphoran (contains mustard)