“With love, from me to you” – Menu for Two – extended till 15/05/20


With love, from me to you – Asma

Seven Course Menu for Two – extended until 15th May

“I am so very grateful for the love and support from so many on our journey from Soho to Covent Garden,
from one lockdown to another. As I sadly cannot open my door to you, I would like you to open yours to me
and let me cook for you and your loved ones. Enjoyable in the comfort of your own home. Set your worries aside, let our food nourish you. With love, from me to you”

– Asma Khan

This feast needs minimal preparation, with some dishes requiring a few simple finish-at-home touches.
Asma’s guidance on how to heat and best serve each course will be provided in your delivery kit.
This menu is intended to be consumed on the day it is delivered but can be kept in the fridge for up to two
days after receiving.
We also offer a vegetarian menu.
We are unable to accommodate any other menu substitutions or further dietary requirements at the time being.


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Six wheat shells filled with spiced chickpeas, potatoes, and tamarind water (VG) (contains gluten)
From the roadside chaat-wallah
Channa Chaat
Spicy chickpeas layered with green chillies, tamarind sauce and red onions. Garnished with sev and chopped
coriander (VG) (contains gluten)

A dish from the royal banquets of the Mughals
Calcutta Chicken Chaap, served with square Parathas
A rich, classic Mughlai korma of chicken cooked on the bone with saffron, mace, yoghurt, and
nutmeg (contains dairy)
Served with fried, layered flat bread, square shaped, just like our grandmothers would shape them
Vegetarian option:
Gobi Mussallam, served with square Parathas
Cauliflower in a yogurt, saffron, mace and nutmeg sauce
Served with fried, layered flat bread, square shaped, just like our grandmothers would shape them (V)
(Contains dairy & almond)
Subcontinental Soul food
Lamb Tamatar Gosht, served with Muttar Pulao
Leg of lamb, slow cooked, on the bone, in a fragrant, spicy tomato base (Contains almonds and dairy)
Served with steamed rice cooked with green peas (V)
Vegetarian option:
Shahi Paneer, served with Muttar Pulao
Indian cheese in a rich coconut cream and tomato gravy – vegetarian
Served with steamed rice cooked with green peas (V)
(contains dairy & cashew nuts)
A taste of a timeless feast
Badami Baingan
Aubergine cooked in a sesame, coconut, almond and peanut base with tamarind (VG) (contains peanuts, sesame)

Enjoy all these dishes with an accompaniment of Beetroot Raita
Spiced yogurt with raw grated British beetroot (VG) (contains dairy)

A bite from Bengal
Tomato chutney with poppadom
Sweet and spicy tomato chutney served with the crisp crunch of poppadoms (V)
(contains mustard, gluten)
Finish with a sweet note from Hyderabad

Khoobani Ka meetha
Stewed hunza apricots, garnished with chopped pistachio and served with cream (V) (contains dairy)

V: Vegan | VG: Vegetarian